I am an analogue photographer based in Malmö, Sweden specializing in silver gelatine printing and 19th century photography.

My passion lies in black and white photography. I have always captured images by using film and I started my journey in alternative photography during my time living in Barcelona, Spain. I was part of the art collective “Las Chicas de Talbot” in the Taller Milans workshop situated in the Gothic quarter in the city.

I feel that in an ever fast moving world time is a key component in people’s lives. It seems that we never have enough of it and has made photographs seem less important. Society is ever more impatient and the culture of instant gratification can lead to images being considered as disposable items without understanding that in a not so distant past photography took time, patience and dedication.

My aim is to bring back the mystery and beauty of analogue photography. When you re-live these techniques you truly appreciate the craft, skill and effort that the founding figures of photography strived to achieve.


Exhibitions, Group Work and Teaching

  • 2016 – Present
    Photography Teacher/Darkroom Technician Östra Grevie Folkhögskola
  • 2014 – Present
    Darkroom Technicial, Fotogalleriet Format, Malmö
  • 2016
    Wet Plate Collodion Workshop, Fridhems Folkhögskola
  • 2016
    Wet Plate Collodion Workshop, Östra Grevie Folkhögskola
  • 2015 – 2016
    Founder and leader of study group at Fotogalleriet Format, Malmö
  • 2014
    Wet Plate Collodion Workshop, Galleri Seved, Malmö
  • 2013
    “Las Chicas De Talbot” Wet Plate Collodion Demo, Revelat Photo Festival, Spain
  • 2013
    “Las Chicas De Talbot” Wet Plate Collodion Demo, Somewhere Street (Japanese TV show)
  • 2013
    “Las Chicas De Talbot” Wet Plate Collodion Demo, Occhi Rossi Photo Festival, Roma
  • 2013
    “Las Chicas De Talbot” Exhibition, Centre Civic Pati Llimona, Barcelona
  • 2013 – 2010
    Member of Taller Milans Art Collective, Barcelona