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In the mesmerising dance performance, dancer and performer Lia delves deep into the emotive landscape of solitude, drawing inspiration from Atahualpa Yupanqui's poignant song, "Milonga del Solitario." The project aims to encapsulate the raw and intricate essence of being alone through the language of movement.

Lia's choreography unfolds like a poetic narrative, each movement echoing the melancholic strains of Yupanqui's music. The performance captures the paradoxical nature of solitude, a state both isolating and liberating. Through evocative poses and dynamic gestures, Lia embodies the complex emotions associated with being a solitary figure in a vast, enigmatic universe.

The visual narrative unfolds against a backdrop of contrasting lights and shadows, symbolising the interplay between isolation and self-discovery. The ethereal atmosphere mirrors the timeless beauty of Yupanqui's song, creating a harmonious dialogue between sound and movement.

As the spectator, you are invited to immerse yourself in the solitude portrayed, experiencing the profound connection between the performer and the essence of the song. The performance encapsulates the poetry of being alone, inviting reflection on the universal theme of solitude that transcends cultural boundaries.